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Friday, December 09, 2005

Supplement Cuts Methane Emissions 70%

Hot on the heels of my recent post about methane from cow manure contributing to global warming, I learn that scientists in the United Kingdom have developed a food supplement that reduces bovine methane emissions by about 70%.

That’s outstanding news for two reasons. One, any advance in the fight against global warming is an important win for the future of this planet. Two, if supplementing a cow’s diet can cut their gas emissions by 70%, without modifying their diet, what might the future hold for humans who can’t stop stinking?

In my view, this is a strong indication that there could be (and in my view, probably are) as-yet undiscovered organic compounds that might offer dramatic benefits to people who suffer with uncontrollable gas.

If it works for cows, who is to say it won’t work for humans? Can you imagine being able to reduce your gas problems by 70%, simply by taking a pill or sipping a mix?

The science behind this research is aimed at reducing greenhouse gasses. But you can bet scientists and drug companies will be looking closely at this study, and not solely at the agricultural aspects.

Call me crazy, but in my view, this news offers great hope for HUMAN sufferers of uncontrollable gas!


  • ~ Anonymous Anonymous said …

    from your lips to God's ears...i've tried everything under the sun and nothing works...i know certain foods cause stomach pain and farting, but that just helps me reduce the severity of my gas problem. it gets a lot worse around my ''time of the month''. it enver seems to go away, but it gets worse at times.


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