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Monday, July 03, 2006

No. 1 Hamburger Recipe for Avoiding No. 2 Disasters

Here’s another meaty recipe sure to wow your guests at your 4th of July picnic tomorrow -- without overstressing their GI tract. (And if by chance the family is smuggling bits of these healthy burgers to your dog underneath the table, the sneaky snacks won't come back to haunt you later ... )

You’ll see I combined some unconventional ingredients. Many homemade burger recipes use bread crumbs or cracker meal/crumbs to hold moisture and maintain a juicy plumpness to the burgers. I like to use oatmeal instead, which results in a powerhouse, “wowful,” wonderful-goot (as they say in Lancaster, Pa.) burger.

Note: Remember to thoroughly and intensely rub all dried herbs into the palm of your hand (a.k.a. irritate them) before adding to the food. This process releases valuable oils, and makes the flavor explode.

And let me warn you now: Eating these burgers induces a state of blissful euphoria way up high on the yummy scale. Even better, they’re packed with extra fiber-y goodness to keep your GI tract clean and clear.


Phase 1:

* ½ cup McCann’s Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal (in a can). Do NOT use rolled oats or instant oatmeal for this recipe. This should make about 2 to 2½ cups of oatmeal. You’ll use about 1½ cups.

* 2 cups organic beef stock. Make sure to maintain a 1 to 4 ratio of oatmeal to stock.

* ½ large yellow onion, minced

* 3 tablespoons organic butter. Do NOT use margarine.

* 1 level teaspoon granulated (not fine) onion powder

* ½ teaspoon salt. I prefer unrefined rock salt or sea salt

* Generous amount of freshly ground black peppercorns—maybe ½ teaspoon or more

Phase 2:

* 3 eggs. Free-range organic eggs are preferred, but antibiotic-free eggs are OK, too.

* 2 teaspoons Borsari Seasoned Salt (The World’s Best) Black Label.

* 1 teaspoon all-purpose seasoning

* 1 scant level teaspoon whole summer savory leaf

* 1 level teaspoon of onion powder

* 1 tablespoon premium quality organic ketchup. I like Muir Glen Organic Ketchup, which is thick and really yummy, but any good ketchup will do.

* 2 teaspoons liquid smoke

* 2 pounds all-natural, free-range, organic 90% lean ground beef

* About 1 to 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil

The Process

Phase 1:

It is best to prepare this mixture the day or night before, and refrigerate.

Bring the beef stock to a boil. Add the oatmeal, stirring frequently. Boil for about 10 minutes until the oatmeal begins to thicken significantly. Reduce heat to a medium simmer, and cook for another 30 minutes, stirring frequently.

The oatmeal should become very thick, almost like mashed potatoes. (Don’t worry if it sticks to the bottom of the pot. It will easily release after being allowed to set.). If the oatmeal appears soupy, continue to cook and stir until the desired thickness is achieved. Turn off the heat, and let it set for at least 20 minutes.

In the meantime, sauté the onions in bubbling butter over medium/high heat, until they start browning. Add the salt, pepper, and onion powder. To speed up the softening of the onions, you can add about an ounce of water to the skillet, and stir well. When the liquid is evaporated (in about a minute), stir the onions until medium brown. Add onions and all of the butter in the skillet to the oatmeal, and stir very well. Allow the oatmeal mixture to finish cooling and setting.

Note: When made with chicken stock, this oatmeal recipe (double the oatmeal and chicken stock amounts) makes a wonderful thick porridge for breakfast as a bed for a couple of over-medium eggs and some organic bacon. It’s what breakfast should taste like!

Sorry, I digress … back to the recipe …

Phase 2:

In a large mixing bowl, whisk the 3 eggs completely. Add all of the remaining ingredients except the ground beef, and mix completely. (Don’t forget to irritate the herbs). When thoroughly mixed, add the burger meat, and mix thoroughly (by hand is best). Microwave about 1 to 1 ½ cups of the oatmeal for about 30 seconds to warm it for incorporating into the meat mixture. Add it to the ground beef mixture. Blend thoroughly. Form the burger patties by hand. Tip: Wet your fingers with a little bit of oil to prevent them from sticking to your hand.

Grill the burgers over medium heat for about 4 to 5 minutes on each side. Then, turning them about every 2 minutes, grill for another 5 or 6 minutes. You can lower the heat and turn another time or two if you like the burgers well done.

Serve on whole wheat buns with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and other tasty garden veggies. Extra tip: To skip the bread entirely, put the burger between two leaves of bib lettuce. Use low-fat cheese if you’re in the mood for a cheeseburger.

Then pull up a chair, tuck in your bib, and put a seat belt on … these are re-e-e-a-l good!

One final note: The oatmeal, unlike the bread crumbs or cracker meal, is loaded with fiber, moisture, and great beta-glucans that have been shown to be terrific for your health, and especially for your GI Tract. As always, try not to overeat, but if you do, at least these yummy burgers have more good stuff in them for you than conventional burgers do.

And in case you still eat a bit too much and need some help, get a free sample of my novel digestive technology for FREE (shipping and handling are FREE too). Take two capsules with your meal to promote healthy digestive function, and, in most cases, minimize the digestive burden caused by over-consumption of food.


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    Thanks, Bill. I'm going to try this recipe tomorrow during my big BBQ bash.

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    Thank for the tips.

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