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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Flatulence Gets Top Billing

Passing gas wasn’t always taboo.

In the late 19th and early part of the 20th century, a Frenchman named Joseph Pujol achieved fame under the stage name “Le Petomane” – French for “The Great Farter”.

Le Petomane was capable of inhaling air or water into his colon, which he would use to fuel all manner of flatulent performances.

He astounded audiences for decades with his impressive physical skills, imitating musical instruments, farm animals, bird songs, and popular whistling melodies.

Today it is doctors who are astounded by amazingly gassy performances of patients suffering with chronic gassiness.

Last year American consumers downed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of prescription and over-the-counter antacids and antigas products. But did it help? In nearly all cases, people are treating symptoms, not curing underlying conditions.

I have to believe that real cures for chronic gassiness are out there. But the global pharmaceutical industry doesn't make money by curing diseases, and eliminating the markets those diseases represent. They make money by treating symptoms.


  • ~ Anonymous Anonymous said …

    Good point on the pharma companies. We're bombarded every day with TV commercials trying to get us to self-medicate, while we should be making changes that will make those drugs unnecessary in the first place.

  • ~ Anonymous Anonymous said …

    why wasn't farting always considered gross???

  • ~ Anonymous Anonymous said …

    Did people have as many problems with gas back then? probably not. i have to believe that all the crap we put in our bodies, like jumbo-sized steaks, burger king and soda have to be to blame for some of our angst. maybe if we went back to eating fruits, vegetables, meats and grains in a balanced diet, we'd have less to whine about.


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