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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lights! Camera! Snickers!

Being under the heat of the TV lights was hard enough without having to talk about flatulence. Here's my recent appearance on Comcast Newsmakers. I think it's pretty clear that Jen Boyett is doing all she can not to crack up while asking me about farts and farting. Me, I was cool, calm, and collected, as always.



  • ~ Anonymous Anonymous said …

    Rockin interview. Although I'm not sure if all that sunshine, water, air, and nutrients crap is for real. What about flesh and bone?

  • ~ Anonymous Anonymous said …

    I disagree with Jonny5. First of all, you could say that flesh and bone are made of food, water, and nutrients.
    Second, he's forgetting the old adage goes, "You are what you eat".

    We're only as healthy as the food we eat. And Mr. Downs is right: it's not about calories, it's about nutrients.

  • ~ Anonymous Ethan said …

    Thanks great ppost


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