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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hanging Gas Problems Out to Dry

Here’s another product to de-gasify your world—and it’s machine-washable! Buck Weimer, a retired psychologist, invented gas-proof underwear for his wife Arlene.

She suffers from Crohn’s Disease, and all its uncomfortable symptoms, including intestinal inflammation, symptoms of diarrhea, and—most disturbing for Buck—foul-smelling gas.

His gas-control technology not only worked, but it went on to receive the IgNobel Prize for Biology. Better yet, the gas-eating undergarment was a smash among Arlene’s bowel disease support group. The happy couple now sell their ‘Under-ease’ anti-flatulence underwear online.

Gas-proof underwear might help reduce unpleasant odors, but it doesn’t eliminate the gas. What’s the one way to eases the gas attack? Everyone say this with me: “Proper nutrition.”

Anyone suffering from Crohn’s Disease needs to understand the Catch-22 the disease creates in your digestive tract. Common symptoms include diminished appetite and frequent diarrhea, both of which limit and prevent absorption of essential nutrients and fluids.

That means your body is not taking in the vitamins, minerals, and water it desperately needs to fuel its fight against the disease. To make matters worse, these nutrient deficiencies further damage your GI tract, and increase the severity of Crohn’s.

Forget about taking over-the-counter (OTC) medication to ease your symptoms. They don’t treat the condition, but rather, simply mask the symptoms—which can actually aggravate your system, and cause even greater discomfort.

A better approach: eat healthy, unprocessed foods from all the food groups to best manage the disorder, and restore the maximum digestive function possible. This means fruits, vegetables, fiber, lean meat, and low-fat dairy products.

Instead of popping OTC medications, add high-quality, organic probiotic supplements to your diet, and gradually build a little exercise into your routine.

Fart-proof underpants are a great way to neutralize the gas, but only proper nutrition and exercise treat the root causes—and allow you to wear your Superman or Elmo undies instead.


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