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Friday, June 09, 2006

Who Farts More: Men or Women?

Lately I’ve been appearing as the guest ‘fart doctor’ on talk radio shows around the country. Here’s a gas-a-rific question I got from the fellas over at Waking Up with the Wolf on WPYX-FM: “Why do men fart more than women?”

This question rips loose a load of noxious answers, but the truth is men and women expel the same amount of gas. Human is human. Gas is gas. And by the way, it all stinks.

Contrary to another popular belief (or maybe just what a woman will tell you), women’s farts do not smell like roses, rainbows, kittens, lollipops, butterflies, cotton candy, or Grandma’s home-baked apple pie.


  • ~ Anonymous Anonymous said …

    I would have thought that men fart more than women because they get more of a kick out of it. my husband farts all the time and now i find it disgusting befoore i thought it was funny.


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