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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Canary in a Coal Mine

What is smaller than a cell phone … fitted with a crocodile clip for your pockets … and sensitive to noxious fumes? No, it’s not the Dog Gas Thong (good guess, though.)

Give up? It’s the new Draeger X-am 2000, an ergonomic, lightweight, and easy-to-use gas detector specially designed for ‘personal gas monitoring’.

As we head into summer—a season brimming with barbeques, where over-processed hamburger rolls will set people’s gluteus maximus buns ablaze—the Dreager X-am 200 will maintain its high level of sensitivity to combustible organic vapors, and will issue dependable warnings to you in the event of SBDs and other explosive hazards.

In short, it’s the perfect way to ward off your relatives’ stinky side effects from Aunt Bertha’s mayo-laden potato salad. So don’t delay; get your personal gas monitor today.


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